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charlon Psychic Medium




The very first time I started seeing spirits at a very young age, I knew I was gifted. I wasn’t frightened by the fact that I was seeing ghosts but enlightened with my gift. As I grew older, I started seeing more spirits around me. This catapulted me in realizing that I could also foresee the future, enabling me to assist those around me to find solutions before the problem happened. I have been using intuitive guidance to provide direct information from your Guides.

I was different, almost invisible to a lot of people as I didn’t fit right in. I was this person who had a special gift of seeing spirits of the dearly departed, and I could also see the future. It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that my psychic gift was just aching to burst. The Spirit World was waiting for me to develop my psychic skills by helping me build it.

Every morning, I would wake up remembering all the dreams I had the night before, and by the end of the day, my dreams would all come true. Little pieces of the puzzle would come together, and I was able to entertain the idea that I could foresee how my day would pan out. Alas, after decades of seeing spirits, foreseeing the future, the Spirit World changed my path in life. I was no longer that invisible person. I was no longer that person who was different. I was able to tell my closest friends’ stories of their dearly departed loved ones; before and after death, to treasure and appreciate the moment repeatedly. I was able to paint a strong picture to other friends who wanted to know how their loved ones have passed on, the details of their deaths, how they died, what they wore when they were living and any messages they had in the afterlife. I was able to give my clients closure.

I mended broken hearts, offered solitude and glued together missing pieces so that my clients could move on with their lives. In my thirties, I decided to start reading for the general public. I strongly believe in anyone's ability to change the course of their life. Without a doubt, we are the creators of our reality. We have within us the ability to bring about the life we want, but it always starts with the self and our own empowerment. We can always shift our perspective.

My clients inspire me every day. I like to reveal what is in the shadows and make sense of what needs illuminating. I believe in fate, but I also believe in mastering one’s destiny. Most people know that the problems they have stemmed from themselves, but they may be hesitant to admit it. People call me because they want someone to help them draw their self-knowledge out of them in a gentle way. They call me because they want acceptance and kindness, no matter what they’re experiencing or what they’ve done. Above all, I want you to be encouraged, inspired and to get the insight you need to help you make the best decisions in your life.