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My Story

My mission

My mission is to help people understand the realm of the ethereal world; guide, connect and open the window into their future.  I will motivate and encourage you to achieve your own personal and professional fulfilment.

My Story

For the last few decades, I have been seeing ethereal beings of deceased people. These wonderful spirits are in my dreams, always by my side assisting me in my everyday life.  Any life changes that I encountered, these ethereal spirits are always there to guide me.

To realise that I can communicate with the ethereal beings is a blessing.  I can converse with them, piece together how they lived, how they died, what messages they have to pass on to their dearly beloved friends and families that are still with us.

To explain how I receive messages from the spirit world is just like watching a tv show or a movie.  A projection of pictures, frame by frame scene is shown to me when I need to connect with the spirit world.  The images are shown to me in fast forward motion, with or without any sound.  To combat this feature, I have a notepad and a pen to take down the messages that I am receiving.  The squiggly lines on my notepad at the end of my readings eventually will make sense to my clients, however, not entirely to me.  

I have a strong connection with the surrounding energy that is being shown to me by my spirit guides, just like being zapped by someone.  The physical reaction in my surrounding becomes surreal, so in order for me to connect with the Spirit world on a higher level, I need something like a photograph or a piece of jewellery that the deceased had worn when they were alive.  

The messages I receive are sometimes shown to me in a form of a jigsaw puzzles, which flashes in waves, slowly at first and then at higher speed.  My internal and external senses are also heightened the very moment I am receiving these messages, therefore it is my job to gather every information that is being shown to me to tell you a story.  So in a way, I consider myself as a messenger of the spirit world.  

What's the biggest disadvantage of my gift?  Sometimes I have alarming visions, dreams that go on forever which always leaves me wondering. I have experienced lucid dreams and out of body experiences.  I get headaches during a reading sometimes,  which includes all my senses being disconnected from my body in order to receive messages from the spirit world.  Seeing spirits of young children can get really personal, but knowing that I can pass their messages that will heal people's lives can be remarkably rewarding.

Each day, my special gift blossoms.  Each day, a new level of awareness is lifted which has been heightened by the spiritual connection that I have with the spirits around us.  Every single one of us has an ethereal being that protects us; a spiritual guide that will show us the way, lead us to the right path, and stand by us during our emotional growth.  These Spiritual Guides are given to us when we are born into this world, but it is our responsibility to us to accept them and appreciate them because they are a part of our living lives.


If you could sense your inner being and start communicating with your spiritual guides, you will soon learn that you are not alone in this world. It only took me three decades to figure it out, but let me tell you that if you have a special gift like mine, don't keep it a secret.  Embrace it.

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About Me

At the tender age of three, I had snippets of my psychic gift coming into play.  I was able to see ethereal beings; hear, smell, feel and communicate with them on a different level.  I was able to open up to another realm.  

In my teenage years, I felt ashamed that I had a gift that nobody else had.  I grew up knowing that I was different, and slowly accepted it.  

During my adult years, I saw that I had the potential to change the world.  I was able to offer my psychic gift to help people find their closure. I was able to share my gift to anybody who was accepting of it.

What To Expect

I'm not your traditional psychic.  I don't read Tarot Cards, dress like a gypsy or own a crystal ball.  I don't rely on gimmicks.  I simply rely on my natural gift as a psychic which I have been sharing with the rest of the world since 2011.  

During my psychic reading, be prepared to feel enlightened and feel the positivity that I bring on the table.  

DISCLAIMER:  I reserve the right to refuse any readings that I feel will impact me personally.   This psychic site and its owners are not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising from using this site, the psychic listed on it, or its content. 


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